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Bẫy Nuốt Mạng - KhoPhim Chill
Phim Bẫy Nuốt Mạng HD Vietsub

Phim Bẫy Nuốt Mạng HD Vietsub

The Plot 2024

Nội Dung Phim

Bẫy Nuốt Mạng

Young-il is a plotter who manipulates murder-for-hire cases to look like accidents. Nobody knows those accidents are in fact perfectly plotted, planned murders. After finishing a flawlessly plotted case with no trace of evidence left behind, Young-il receives a new request. His new target is a prominent political figure who is always under the spotlight. Even with the higher risk of getting exposed, Young-il decides to take the case with his team members, Jackie, Wol-cheon, and Jeom-man. When the plot is ready after immaculate preparation and numerous rehearsals, the team finally makes its move, but some unexpected trouble threatens Young-il’s perfect plan.